Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Thumb rules for kitchen interior

Kitchen a very important place in the home. all the aspect should be taken care of for the proper working of the kitchen. The technical involvement like electrical supply for all the appliances, portable water supply in the taps and in the refrigerator if needed, waste water supply, gas supply and ventilation should be taken care of.

Thumb rules for the kitchen planning:
If the designing is in the planning stage, than position of the kitchen should be such that easy should have proper circulation between dining and other areas.

According to the size of the kitchen the position of the main counter tops and chopping top if needed should be taken care of. Square kitchen are always prefer than the rectangular one.

After locating the counters position of sink, cooking range, dishwasher, chimney etc. should be decided. It is better to have sink and dishwasher on the outer walls than to the inner wall. His make plumbing easy and with such arrangements future problems in the plumbing can be handle easily without involving major issues like opening the wall etc.

For Indian kitchens it is better to have chimney over the burner for proper ventilation than having ventilation fan in the wall as it involve more use of burner.

Position of microwave should be according to the use. If its more in use than can be place over the cooking burner which helps in providing more space on the counter tops for other things.

Cooking range should be place in such a way that space is left from both the side for easy cooking. So cooking range in the centre of the top in always prefer.

While deciding the material for the counter top it always better to have solid tops(stone or pvc top with tiling) than the laminated one for easy maintenance and long life.

The detailing during the fixing of the sink and over all should be taken care of for the lick proof kitchen tops.

The storage below the counter top should always be 4” to 5 “ inside from the edge of the top for proper functioning .

The dado of the kitchen should be of easy to clean and stain proof material, like ceramic tiles, stone tiles etc. (marble is not recommended specially white marble as it is not stain proof.)

Storage space shelves should be design according to the need over and below the top. If it is a “L” shape counter than proper utilization of corner space should be take n care of, as every inch of space counts in the kitchen.

Flooring of the kitchen should be out easy to clean material like ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles, stone tiles or PVC flooring.

The shutters of the storage should be out of light material. Can be out of laminated plywood or MDF (medium densified fibreboard ). Particle board should be avoided as it has short life. But of budget interior it can be a used.

Try to avoid glass shutters for the shelves over the cooking range.

Proper interior of the kitchen is a “utilitarian kitchen” so good cooking and good interior go hand in hand happy cooking.

My next post will be the gallery of kitchen from classics style to contemporary kitchens.

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