Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bed room gallery

Bed room gallery feturing interior of different bed rooms with different style.

Highlighting the headboard by having small partition wall in the bagaround of the head board with the darker shade.

Simple bed design with the metal legs- milimilist style.

Color of your bed sheet can completely change interior look ofyour bed room.

Head board in jute material going with the warm color interior of the room.material add texture to the interior.

Very low height bed- simple and smart.

Void in the wall creating connection to the other space at the sametime maintaing the privacy of the bed.

Light color furniture hilightedby the dark color wall in the baground.

Light color furniture with light color wall with dark color accessories creating balance in the room.

Beautiful use of red and black color.

Storage space in the bed can smartly be done.

Colorfull painting add color to your interior.

Less is more...

Partition helps in creating beatifull spaces.

Lots of drama in the bed room with dark colors..

Proper dirct and indirct illumination plays very important role in the bed room interior.

Dark color is always add in the form of accessiores.

Lots of accessories can add drama to the space.

Wall paper can sometimes works..

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